Fast Facts & Interesting Tidbits: Oasis of the Seas

Oasis Model

The photo above shows a cut-away model of Oasis of the Seas that was exhibited at the world’s largest cruise shipping convention, held in Miami this past spring. At a reported cost of $200,000, the model, built on a scale of 1:100 by Hamburg’s IB Modellen, spans 3.61 meters long and .5 meters wide, and weighs 600 kilos.

Clearly, Oasis is of jaw-dropping proportions. Some other facts about Oasis that may interest you:

  • Oasis uses more than 3,000 miles of electrical wiring. Think about that. The wiring could stretch across America – coast to coast!
  • Central Park will feature more than 12,000 plants – and full-time horticulturists who will give guided tours.
  • AquaTheater Pool is nearly 18 feet deep and is the largest pool afloat.
  • The Rising Tide elevator takes about six minutes to transit from the Royal Promenade (deck five) to Central Park (deck eight) — or vice versa.
  • Oasis measures 225,282 gross tons (remember, ships measure, not weigh)
  • She carries 5,400 passengers double occupancy and 6,296 when all berths are filled – plus, more than 2,000 staff.
  • Oasis is 1,187 feet long, 208 feet wide, and its 18 decks rise 213 feet above the waterline.
  • Oasis features the first Carousel at sea as well as the first Coach boutique (think fine leather goods).
  • There are 24 restaurants and 37 bars on board.
  • Oasis’ Royal Promenade is twice as wide as those on the Freedom- and Voyager-class vessels. The original Royal Promenade was inspired by a Baltic ferry, which featured a similar promenade.
  • Passengers can reserve shows before boarding — or once on board, on their stateroom televisions or the Box Office at the Royal Promenade.
  • Oasis features true HD television in staterooms.
  • To control traffic flow, restaurants use technology that measures the head count, so that passengers can see which restaurants are busy from their stateroom televisions and on displays throughout the ship.
  • Electronic mustering means that you’re no longer required to don your life jacket for the safety drill, and there’s no name calling to check off passenger participation. Life jackets, in fact, are stored at the muster stations, and not in the staterooms.
  • Photo Finder integrates your check-in photo with photos taken on board, so that there is no more scanning the picture walls to find your photo. Kiosks will offer the ability to swipe your stateroom card and see all of the photos taken of you on a voyage.

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  • Can’t wait till Sept 2010, not only will it be our 20th anniversay, but also our 7 day carribean cruise on oasis of the seas is booked and counting down the day’s.


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