Life & Work At Sea, Staying Connected: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

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Sharing the Antarctic experience on and social media channels. © 2014 Avid Travel Media Inc.

If only Ernest Shackleton would have had Facebook. The famed explorer whose ship was crushed by ice 100 years ago this month could have simply posted his status, “Totally screwed. Send help.”

Not to make light of Shackleton’s predicament or the remarkable story of his survival, but it is mind-boggling to think how far we have come in only a century.

Ten decades after Shackleton’s ship sunk, I am cruising to Antarctica on a gorgeous vessel, with four restaurants, several bars, fitness area, beauty salon and spa, Zodiacs to go ashore and officers in starched-white uniforms. And I am able to share my experiences from on the ship and ashore almost as they happen with friends and family back home.

Shipboard internet access during my voyage, even in Antarctica, was fast and reliable on most days. That means working professionals need not worry about total disconnect, even though unplugging probably would do us all a little good.

Antarctica is one of those trips where the social media sharing continues long after the voyage. I made many new friends on Facebook on each of my two trips to Antarctica. Nearly two months after my last voyage, the friends I met on Seabourn Quest are still sharing photos from Antarctica on social media channels. Somewhat more surprisingly perhaps is that I am still seeing new Antarctica posts on Facebook from friends I met on my trip in 2013 on Silver Explorer.

Simply, Antarctica is an experience that endures for a long time after the trip.

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