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Scenic Jasper, Day 3, A Comprehensive Look At Suites & Staterooms

Scenic Jasper’s Royal Panorama Suites (there are two situated aft on deck three) measure 445 square feet each. © 2015 Ralph Grizzle

Scenic Jasper features a mix of staterooms and suites, ranging from 160 square feet (15 square meters) to 475 square feet (44 square meters). The major distinguishing factor of a Scenic stateroom is the “Sun Lounge,” a mix of open-air balcony/solarium in all but the baker’s dozen of standard staterooms. Uniworld’s S.S. Catherine and the newer S.S. Maria Theresa feature retractable windows, but not with the step-out balcony feature found on Scenic ships.

Within the Scenic fleet, Scenic Jasper represents evolutionary enhancements when compared to its fleet mates. Some of the biggest changes on Scenic Jasper:

  • The Royal Suites (there are four on Scenic Jasper) increased in size from 310 square feet to 350 square feet. A new integrated wall separates the bed and living area. Queen-sized beds feature Vi-Spring bed toppers and luxury linens. Bathrooms now have heated floors.
  • The two Royal Panorama Suites feature the same upgrades as the Royal Suites, plus luxury designer balcony furniture. The Royal Suites increased in size from 300 square feet to 475 square feet and are among the largest suites on the rivers in Europe. By comparison, Viking River Cruises’ Explorer Suites measure 445 square feet, and Uniworld’s Royal Suites on S.S. Catherine measure 410 square feet.
  • All staterooms feature new bathroom cabinets, new vanity desks and upgraded balcony furniture. Staterooms also saw improved wardrobe enhancements and a new folding glass door on the Sun Lounge.
  • Also new on Scenic Jasper: “Slumber Beds” feature three sleep systems that guests can customize to their preferences in addition to new “ultra comfort feather toppers” and Egyptian linens custom made for exclusively for Scenic by Beaumont & Brown. A new pillow menu offers seven pillow options. Luxury bath towels were made for Scenic by Move.

Read our full review and see photos of Scenic Jasper’s staterooms and suites.

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