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Adventures Ashore: Istanbul, Turkey

First, there is the traffic. The streets and highways are clogged, at all times of day. Getting between the airport and the cruise ship — or between the cruise ship and the major attractions — takes a vigilant, patient driver, and that’s best left in the hands of someone else, especially when there is so much to see that you would be craning your neck if you were in the driver’s seat.

Not that you’d be renting a car here, would you? If you did, you would have to deal with parking. I’m not sure how our driver managed to park during the three days we were touring Istanbul, but somehow he did, rarely, however, in places that were designated for parking. Better to leave the driving to someone else. That’s what we did on our shore excursions in Istanbul. Check out our new video featuring the best of a vibrant city that joins two continents.

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