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Adventures Ashore: In Malta, Sail & Swim the Crystal-Clear Waters of the Blue Lagoon

We’re here in Gozo Harbor, and we’re about to head out for a sailing trip. We’ll do some snorkeling and sightseeing. Let’s get going.

This is the Blue Lagoon, and all you need to do is look out and you’ll see why. There are many shades of blue and crystal clear waters. I can even see ripples on the sand under the water. This is also where they filmed scenes of The Count of Monte Cristo.

We had a fabulous swim, and now we have two choices: We can head to a beach or up the tower where the Count of Monte Cristo was filmed. Let’s head up to the tower.

The Comino Tower, also known as Saint Mary’s Tower, was built in the 17th century to watch over and defend the island of Comino. In fact, the tower served as a military outpost until 1829, when the British military abandoned it.

In the 17th century, the tower served as a prison of sorts. If one of the Knights of Malta was convicted of a petty crime, he’d be sentenced to the lonely job of manning and defending the tower.

The tower had a starring role in the 2002 film the Count of Monte Cristo. Brad Pitt starred in the 2004 film Troy, which was filmed on the island of Comino.

Sailing the beautiful crystal clear waters surrounding Comino and swimming in the Blue Lagoon along with a dose of history and intrigue on the island made for a great day in Malta. I’m Ralph Grizzle, and I’ll see you in the beautiful destination.

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