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Adventures Ashore: Soprano Evening Concert, Valletta, Malta

We head to the Tal Harba Chapel, situated on the Valletta waterfront. This small chapel is beautifully detailed. The style of the façade is definitively Baroque, and it is carefully adapted to not be dominated by the adjacent large warehouses, façades and restaurants.

The Maltese architect, Andrea Belli (1703—1772) ensured that the narrow façade of this chapel included all the typical elements of a larger church façade—two bell towers, imposing cornices and sumptuous Baroque detailing, making for a tiny-mighty street presence. The cartouche and the high window assembly in particular highlight the architect’s finesse. The chapel’s interior is domed and the altar nave is a true high Baroque masterpiece.

Inside we took a seat to enjoy a 20-minute concert performance by a talented soprano and three musicians.

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