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Welcome Aboard! When I first contemplated cruising more than 20 years ago, I was extremely confused by all of the options. There were small ships, large ships, sailing ships, trans-Atlantic liners, tiny staterooms, spacious suites, all-inclusive vs. non all-inclusive – and so many places to visit on a variety of itineraries. What to do? And that was just ocean cruising. Now, there’s river cruising and expedition cruising complicating the mix even more.

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Ralph Grizzle and his daughter Britton Frost on the Danube river.

While cruise ships can take you anywhere and everywhere, deciding where to go and when to go can often be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. I am Ralph Grizzle, and along with my daughter Britton Frost, our mission is to empower consumers like you to make informed cruise travel decisions.

are you an avid cruiser?

Avid, a. Longing eagerly for; eager

“Been there, done that?” Are you looking for new ships, new destinations and new ways to travel by ship? We’ve done it all – well, almost. Let us help you decide on what to experience next.

Are you new to cruising?

Confused by the abundance in cruise choices? Do you need help determining which ship and which itinerary would be best for you? Want to know how to select a stateroom that works for your budget and won’t cramp your style? We can help with these decisions too. Our goal is to help you get on a ship and an itinerary that works for you.

Already booked on a cruise?

Want insider advice on how to make the most of your time in the destinations you’ll visit? Looking for suggestions about how to optimize your time on ship? While we can’t provide detailed itineraries, we can point you to resources on Avid Cruiser that will help you make decisions about how you want to spend your time aboard and ashore.

I truly appreciate your unbiased advice. It’s difficult to find these days.

Please note that our goal is to help you find a cruise that you’re happy with, and with more than a few hundred cruises under our collective belt, we feel qualified to do so. We don’t sell cruises, but we sometimes rely on travel professionals to help us assess all of the options. You are under no obligation to book with the travel seller who may be helping us with recommendations for you.

Again, our goal is to make sure you have a great cruise, no matter how you get on the ship.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ralph Grizzle – The Avid Cruiser

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