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Oh Wow! Silversea Snaps Up Endeavour

Today from Monaco, Silversea Cruises added the former Crystal Endeavour to its fleet. Renamed Silver Endeavour will enter service in November 2022, replacing Silver Explorer from the 2022/2023 Antarctica season—including the ship’s highly popular Antarctica Bridge sailings.

Cruise Galapagos Islands

First look: Ultra-Luxury In The Galapagos With Silversea’s Newest Grand Dame, Silver Origin

For those who enjoy the marvels of the natural world, few locales compare with Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands. Happily, for those who wish to have this experience on an ultra-luxury, truly all-inclusive ship, Silversea’s newest expedition ship, the destination-specific Silver Origin is just the ticket. Julie L. Kessler reports from the Galapagos.

SeaDream Yacht Club Unveils New Images of Yacht Renovations

SeaDream Yacht Club recently announced a more than $10 million dramatic upgrade and renovation project for twin yachts SeaDream I and SeaDream II. The project is now complete on board SeaDream II, and on March 26 SeaDream I goes into drydock for 54 days in Lisbon, Portugal to undergo identical renovations as SeaDream II. 

Our Readers Respond To, Is This The End Of Cruising As We Know It?

Not long after pressing the “publish” button for Is This The End Of Cruising As We Know It?, I received several comments from our readers. Some offered words of encouragement; others, words of caution. Let’s start with the words of caution from T.J. and Sherry.

Is This The End Of Cruising As We Know It?

If you’re waiting for the end of Covid-19 before you resume cruising, I have bad news for you: According to experts coronavirus is not going to end anytime soon. Is there a way we can enjoy the “new normal” of river cruising? Here’s my story.

Is Viking Orion The Safest Ship At Sea?

After almost a year and a half without stepping foot on a ship, I was invited on an ocean cruise. I emphasize ocean because I have had the privilege of taking four cruises, both river and ocean, within the span of just over two months. The first cruise that I took this year was a river cruise. The return to river cruising did not seem nearly as daunting as the return to ocean cruising did. When I got the invite from a river cruise company I automatically said yes, but when it came to ocean cruises I was a bit more hesitant. My main concern? My safety.