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Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica Ship Review

Costa Pacifica is the next evolution in the Concordia-class vessels. Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

Modeled on the biggest fun ships of sister brand Carnival Cruise Lines, the Costa Pacifica and its Concordia Class sisters have an exuberant and festive style all their own.

Spa Cabins On Costa Pacifica

When the Costa Pacifica was introduced in 2009, it boasted one of the largest spas at sea, measuring over 20,000 square feet. It also represented a further continuance of the concept of spa cabins—103 staterooms located conveniently near the fitness center with special privileges for guests, such as direct elevator access to the spa, a spa-inspired line of bathroom amenities, and priority reservations in the spa-oriented alternative restaurant—an enhancement that subsequently was expanded on later versions of the Concordia design and copied by other cruise lines from Carnival to Celebrity Cruises.

Activities On Costa Pacifica

Kick back and relax in the Classico Bar aboard Costa Pacifica. Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

The 3,000-passenger, 114,500-gross-ton vessel is intended for year-round cruising in the Mediterranean, and has been specifically designed with winter cruising in mind. For example, Magrodomes (sliding glass canopies) cover two of the four swimming pools so they may be used regardless of the weather. Traditional cruise ship activities such as volleyball, basketball and tennis are available on a multi-use sports court. Public rooms abound, from the cavernous three-deck main theater to a glitzy cacophonous casino worthy of Las Vegas. More intimate spaces for relaxation and diversion include the library or sports bar, as well as a multitude of other lounges and festive playrooms for the kids.

Like her sisters in the Concordia Class, the Costa Pacifica delivers other innovative features such as a Formula One race-car simulator, which puts passengers in the driver’s seat of a virtual race car. Every cabin is equipped with a Sony PlayStation 3 console for on-demand gaming. A giant video screen above the pool allows passengers to enjoy “dive-in movies,” as the line coyly puts it. This feature was first introduced by Princess Cruises and was subsequently adopted by Carnival Cruise Lines and Disney Cruise Line in addition to Costa.

To these features, the Pacifica adds its own innovation in the form of a state-of-the-art music studio for recording your own professional CD. In fact, the central theme of the Pacifica is music, and experiencing music in all its forms provided for the central theme of the interior décor, which, as with other recent Costa ships, was overseen by former Carnival chief architect Joe Farcus.

Dining On Costa Pacifica

Descend the staircase for a meal in one of two main restaurants aboard Costa Pacifica. Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

Altogether there are five restaurants. Two main dining rooms serve at traditional mealtimes, an alternative restaurant serves by reservations only, a casual buffet option offers a wide range of dishes for self-service, and the aforementioned spa restaurant serves from a heath-conscious menu.

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