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Celebrity Edge Review

Celebrity Edge Ship Review

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Edge Overview

Celebrity Edge is the first of Celebrity’s Edge-class series. Launched in 2018, the 2,900-passenger ship provides a look into the future of cruising with its unique offerings. The design of the ship is clean and modern, but not in a way that feels sterile. The ship provides many small, cozy spaces for passengers to lounge.

With 29 food and dining venues, and multiple entertainment venues, there is something for everyone. The innovative ship boasts many firsts, such as the ship’s Magic Carpet that moves up and down the side of the ship, and the Infinite Veranda staterooms that allow guests more stateroom space. Celebrity Edge provides almost everything that other cruise ships do, but she does so with a twist.

Rooftop Garden And Pool Areas

The Rooftop Garden aboard Celebrity Edge. Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Exclusive for guests booking suites, the top deck of the ship houses The Retreat Pool, Sun Deck, and Bar. There are two more pools on the ship, the main pool, which is open to all guests on the ship, and the Solarium pool, which is open to guests over the age of 16.

On the Pool Deck, guests will also find the Rooftop Garden, a place to hang out and enjoy the outdoors in style. Sports games are displayed on the big screen, which makes this perfect place to watch football while taking in the fresh ocean air. Various events take place at the Rooftop Garden, including a food and film themed evening, live music, and more. The Rooftop Garden Grill features wings, pizzas, burgers, and other casual fare, all available at an additional cost.

The top decks also feature a jogging track that slopes to cover multiple levels of the ship and the Sunset Bar at the aft of the ship, a perfect place to get a late-night cocktail.

Public Areas On Celebrity Edge

The Martini Bar spans three decks. © 2018 Britton Frost

There are so many one-of-a-kind spaces on Celebrity Edge that it is hard for me to know where to start. Wherever you go on the ship, there is somewhere to sit and chat – and probably grab a cocktail.

The spaces on Celebrity Edge transform from day to night, so sometimes it’s hard to categorize them. For example, Eden is a great place to spend time during the day. Guests are invited to solve puzzles and mingle with characters who enjoy chatting and telling stories. However, Eden is also a restaurant, bar, and entertainment venue. But we will get into that later.

Spanning three decks, the Martini Bar is the central focus of the ship. You find yourself at the Martini Bar, even when you are not intending on going there. It draws you in. The bar features music that varies from night to night, but also from evening to night. What may start off as a quiet evening with the sounds of a pianist, changes into a louder night with more contemporary music as the evening progresses.

The Club also provides a nice environment for drinks in the evening, but has a different purpose in the afternoon. Throughout the day, various activities are hosted at The Club, from archery to retro gaming, which are open to passengers of all ages.

Celebrity Edge also features more traditional spaces like a Spa and a Fitness Room, although well designed and beautiful, most of what is offered at these two locations is similar to what you may find on other ships.

Dining On Celebrity Edge

Luminae, the suite class restaurant. © 2018 Britton Frost

Previously stated, the ship has 29 dining and food venues, so this review won’t cover all of them. There are four main dining options, CosmopolitanNormandie, Cyprus, and Tuscan. These four restaurants feature the same, although it changes nightly. Guests have the option to dine at any of these four restaurants at any time during the evening thanks to the Celebrity Select Dining Plus program.

Mentioned earlier, Eden provides a dining experience for cruisers that is probably unlike any other they’ve experienced. Experimental dishes with names such as Raindrops and Morning Dew are served by performance artists called Edenists. After dinner, head to the bar to try one of Eden’s cocktails such as The Pea.

The Pea – one of the many unique cocktails served at Eden. © 2018 Britton Frost

The ship also features two exclusive dining options for AquaClass and Suite Class guests. Blu, the AquaClass restaurant features classic favorites such as calamari, steaks, chicken, and pasta. Luminae, the suite class restaurant offers daily changing menus that feature dishes ranging from artichoke soup to squab.

Read more about my dining experience aboard Celebrity Edge: It’s Time For Dinner – On Celebrity Edge

Entertainment Onboard

Watching a performance at The Theatre is a great way to spend a portion of your night. © 2018 Britton Frost

Celebrity Edge features three main entertainment venues, EdenThe Club, and The Theatre. I mentioned The Club and Eden earlier, but at night the atmosphere of the spaces changes entirely.

In the evening, The Club transforms from a place for groups of all ages to play and hang out, to a space for adults. There is music and various activities, and it is a nice place to unwind with a cocktail before or after dinner. As the night progresses, however, The Club invites adults in for a night of adventure – some nights The Club even transforms into a different planet, inviting cruise guests to help solve a puzzle.

The Theatre showcases many different shows, from Shakespeare inspired productions to dance and musical experiences, The Theatre offers something for everyone – though maybe not all at once. Those interested in experimental theatre will have a great time watching these shows that feature everything from singing and dancing to acrobatics.

Perhaps the most intriguing venue on the entire ship, though, is Eden. Spanning three levels, Eden is a wonderful place to sit and read a book during the day due to the venue’s natural light; the perfect place to have an evening cocktail, due to its view of the ocean and extensive list of conceptual cocktails; and an extraordinary place to visit at night due to its unique performances and enticing atmosphere. The performances that take place at Eden at night are immersive, alluring, and all around exceptional.

Read more about the entertainment aboard Celebrity Edge: Let Celebrity Edge Entertain You

Celebrity Edge Staterooms

The Infinite Veranda provides the feel of a balcony without sacrificing space in the stateroom. © 2018 Britton Frost

Celebrity Edge features the widest array of staterooms in Celebrity’s fleet. From single staterooms to suites that sleep up to 10 guests, there is a stateroom to suit the needs of any cruiser – unless you want a balcony, that is.

Okay, not entirely true – but with Celebrity’s introduction of the Infinite Veranda, very few staterooms on this ship have true balconies. Instead, guests get something similar to what they may find on a river ship. An extension of the stateroom, the Infinite Veranda provides what feels like a balcony without sacrificing any living space in the stateroom. Guests are able to open and close the window on their veranda as they wish, and a set of glass doors can be closed to provide separation of the spaces if desired.

Though innovative in design, the Infinite Veranda may leave something to be desired for those who enjoy true balconies. I enjoyed the concept for my two days aboard, but on longer sailings, I tend to spend a lot of time on my balcony. I have heard from other readers that opening the window on the Infinite Veranda is at the captain’s discretion.

Infinite Veranda Staterooms make up the majority of the rooms aboard Edge. The rooms feature a smart TV, bathrobes for use aboard, and Celebrity’s eXhale bedding featuring the Cashmere Mattress, among other amenities.

There are more than six categories of suites aboard the ship, reaching up to 2,500 square feet.

Final Thoughts

Though harshly reviewed by some, Celebrity Edge provided me a near perfect cruise experience. The food was great, the entertainment was something that I had never seen before, and the decor of the ship was modern and refreshing. The ship does require a certain kind of traveler, though. One who is not afraid to branch out and try something new. All that happened aboard was conceptual and thought out, but it takes the right kind of guest to unlock everything that Celebrity Edge has in store.

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