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Antarctica Cruises

A cruise to Antarctica ranks for many as the best cruise of their lives, a voyage to a place unlike any other on earth. Sailing through perilous Drake’s Passage, arrive in a magical place of icebergs a mile across, whales, elephant seals, albatross and penguins upon penguins. Excursions on Zodiacs take you ashore to penguin rookeries of 300,000 birds.

This is a journey that few in the world are fortunate enough to make. Travel to the ends of civilization while witnessing the sights and sounds of Antarctica that promise imposing views and once-in-a-lifetime encounters.

On select South America itineraries the mysteries and marvels of Antarctica are explored for three days of cruising, including the Neumayer and Lemaire channels, known as ‘Kodak Gap’ for its dramatic scenery. Penguins gliding down icecaps into the sea and island-sized glaciers are ethereal sights that leave visitors in admiration of the secluded continent.

Voyages to the ice-capped fjords of South America treat guests to some of the most impressive scenery in all of travel. As albatross soar over the water, guests marvel at the unearthly beauty of the Chilean fjords via the Darwin Channel and Strait of Magellan. Another ‘˜once-in-a-lifetime’ adventure awaits those on the Chilean Fjords sailings — scenic cruising past historic Cape Horn. Passable at only certain times of the year due to fierce weather conditions, journeying to the Cape remains a milestone in sailing cultures.

Tip: If you want a real Antarctic experience, choose a ship carrying 150 or fewer passengers. Larger vesssels don’t always have zodiac excursions and can’t reach the continent.

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