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Asia Cruising


With such modern cities as Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore, vibrant village markets, stunning natural landscapes and fascinating cultures, few destinations are as exotic as Asia.

Cruise lines skirt the Asian coast, with popular itineraries calling on Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, a mix of destinations and diverse ports where the settings range from bustling cities to bucolic rural countryside.

Cruises in Asia give passengers opportunities to sample myriad experiences that would be much more difficult to do on a land tour of the region. Asia cruises also allow passengers many chances to indulge in local cuisines, interact with ancient cultures, witness awe-inspring landscapes and explore regions dating back thousands of years. Moreover, Asia cruises give passengers the ability to explore Asia’s exotic cultures from the comforts and conveniences available on Western-style cruise ships.

In the past, Asia was a magnet for small luxury and expedition cruise lines, as well as a must-stop on around-the-world cruises. Recently, however, the large mainstream cruise lines have started to venture into the region.

An Asian cruise is a good alternative for the winter-weary. With the seasons reversed, it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, when it’s winter up north. And though travelers could opt for cruises in South America or the Caribbean during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, Asia is a strong alternative for those seeking something truly exotic.

Few places are as exotic as Asia — with such bustling modern cities as Hong Kong and Singapore, colorful markets, ancient temples and stunning landscapes. The most popular cruises visit Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, all with diverse ports ranging from busy cities to bucolic rural settings. I prefer to walk around Asian cities to savor their uniqueness, although many passengers, especially those who do not speak the local languages, opt for tours.

Tip: Ask your physician for antibiotics, and take medication for stomach problems. Also recommended is cruise insurance just in case you need an emergency flight home or hospitalization.

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