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Cruising Bermuda


A self-governing British colony situated in the western North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a popular cruise destination from seven East Coast ports of departure. The 24-mile-long archipelago of eight main islands is only 650 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Cruises to Bermuda often depart New York or other eastern seaboard ports such as Boston, Baltimore, Cape Liberty (Bayonne, New Jersey), Charleston and Fort Lauderdale, with at least a couple of days at sea between departure and making landfall. Some cruise companies offer regular Bermuda cruises running April through October.

Bermuda exudes British charm, while boasting strong African and Caribbean cultural roots. The islands’ characteristic pastel-colored buildings and pink-hued beaches are among the treasures found by those on a Bermuda cruise vacation.

Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard is close to the Commissioner’s House, pictured here. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia / Creative Commons

True to British tradition, driving is on the left. Many choose to get around on bicycles, horse-drawn carriages or motor scooters. A golfer’s paradise, Bermuda has more acreage per square mile dedicated to golf than any other country.

With eight islands connected by causeways and bridges (including the world’s smallest draw bridge), Bermuda beckons to passengers, who can opt for a variety of shore excursions.

Nearly a dozen cruise lines operate ships that cruise to Bermuda. Most stay in the islands at least one or two nights, with some staying longer and at more than one port of call on a Bermuda cruise.

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