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Canadian Cruises

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Canada is a wonderful cruise destination and quite diverse. Canadian cruises from Vancouver (and Seattle) may visit parts of British Columbia, including the charming city of Victoria. On the other side of the country, Atlantic Canada serves up a variety of experiences, ranging from far north in Labrador (and even farther north above the Arctic Circle) to lovely Halifax. Cruises from Montreal and Quebec are also popular along the Saint Lawrence. Quebec, of course, is French-speaking, but part of France also exists near the Canadian coast, just off Newfoundland.

Atlantic Canada

I love cruising the beautiful region of Atlantic Canada. And let be the first to tell you that Atlantic Canada offers much, much more than the blazing colors of the fall foliage. So don’t think of cruising this region only during the fall. Atlantic Canada is an exciting destination at any time.

Canadian Cruises – Quebec & The Saint Lawrence

Quebec is the only Canadian province whose sole official language is French, only a short hop from the U.S. border, yet culturally worlds way. Indeed, the language and the lifestyle in this Eastern Canadian province are reminiscent of the motherland across the Atlantic. There is an authenticity of experience here that fools travelers into thinking they’re traveling not in Canada but in France itself.

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