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Cruising The United States


Cruises make it possible to see much of the best of America — from a ship.

Traditionally, we Americans take to the highways when vacationing in our own country — and with good reason: In such a large landmass, we find scenic beauty, historic sites and cultural diversity. But you also can count on high gas prices, traffic jams and the hassle of moving from one hotel to another each day.

Plus, budgeting for the do-it-yourself vacation is always a challenge, because the cost of meals is a big unknown. Increasingly, however, cruise lines seem to be adapting a phrase coined by the bus industry in the 1970s, “Leave The Driving To Us.”

Homeland cruising has sky rocked in popularity as cruise lines offer enticing itineraries that allow us to visit America’s tourist areas affordably — and comfortably. Board a ship and unpack once to enjoy an unhurried week with pampering cabin service, an endless array of food and evening entertainment. Each day your floating hotel arrives in a port with sightseeing options either within walking distance or on a shore excursion.

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